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Consignment sale:


Client here in Western Washington state bought the car, thinking he would be able to drive it more than the weather permits. Needless to say, a car with this HP to weight ratio on wet Washington streets is a recipe for disaster so the car has been driven very little. Frustrated with the inability to enjoy this car, he has decided to sell it.


VIN #205402
Engine is a 97 Ford Zetec 2.0 liter, completely rebuilt


Raceline sump and water rail
Arp con rod bolts
Birkin sport flywheel, clutch, plate
Stock con rods, crankshaft, pistons
40 thousandths shaved from head
Stock cam,valves,springs
Birkin header
Raceline intake manifold
Raceline 45mm ram pipes
Raceline jenvey 45mm side draft
Raceline throttle linkage
Throttle bodies
K&N filters
Cosworth blue injectors
Circle C alternator bracket
Gems Minizeta ECU air intake, temp sender, water temp barometric pressure sender, throttle position sender
Raceline adjustable fuel pressure sender
Raceline wiring harness for Gems ECU
Gear box SPC fully built standard ratio type 9


Car is very quick. Only flaws are a scratch and couple of stone chips on the bottom of the right front cowl. Will do a light touch up for the new owner.
Other than that, the car is like new, very nice with excellent paint, never damaged or wrecked.


Car has full wet weather gear.
2,434 .9 original miles with a clear WA title.